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Grooming Agreement

Every client is required to read and sign this Grooming Agreement prior to grooming services being performed. 

I [client], do hereby entrust my pet/pets to Sage Grooming for the purpose of grooming my pet. I agree to the following: 


  1. My pet is current on all necessary shots and is deemed healthy enough by a veterinary professional to be groomed. If the groomer does not feel that the pet is healthy enough to complete a groom, the groom will be stopped and a vet approval will be necessary to reschedule. 

  2. If it is necessary for the safety of your pet and the groomer, muzzles, e-collars, or other devices will be humanely used. You must inform the groomer if your pet bites or has ever bitten anyone before. 

  3. I am aware that if my pet does not respond well to the grooming process and remain calm and still, accidents can happen such as nicks from clippers, scissors, or toenail clippers. If your pet does not respond properly to the groom, it is essential that the pet be alone with the groomer and the pet parent out of sight. Clients will not assist in the grooming unless requested to do so. The groomer has the right to stop the groom if it is too unsafe to continue. 

  4. There is always the possibility an accident could occur. Grooming equipment is sharp and even though groomers use extreme caution and care in all situations, possible problems could occur including cuts, nicks, scratches, irritation, etc. In most cases, accidents occur when a pet is wiggling or moving around. Client assumes all liabilities, financial and otherwise, for the behavior and health of their pet including any medical care expenses and damages that result from a grooming injury or pre-existing condition. 

  5. Client will advise the groomer of any allergies, sensitivities, or pre-existing medical conditions so we can avoid aggravating these situations as best as possible. Please let us know of any prior grooming history you or your dog may not have found satisfactory so we can avoid those same unpleasant experiences. 

  6. Sage Grooming understands that some dogs are extremely sensitive to certain grooming procedures such as nail clipping and blow drying. It is not our intent to cause your dog fear, discomfort, or trauma. We will try our best to get your dog comfortable with undesirable grooming processes, but if a grooming procedure is too stressful and we are unable to safely do it, we will stop that procedure to avoid any injuries or traumatize your dog.

  7. Allowing a pet’s coat to get matted is not only very uncomfortable but dangerous for your pet’s health. The groomer will de-mat your pet and a dematting fee will be added to your invoice. Mats can be very difficult to remove and your pet will likely receive a “shave down” to remove them without causing more harm. Under this circumstance, a shave down is the only way to safely remove the mats and allow the skin to receive necessary oxygen for new, healthy hair to grow. Charges for the dematting are determined on a per pet basis. Sage Grooming does not comb out mats as it causes undue stress and pain. Excessive dematting is a painful, time-consuming procedure that is inhumane and causes extreme discomfort, along with its potential to aggravate or cause skin problems. I am aware that neglect of my pet’s coat can cause problems after a shave down such as clipper/brush irritation, itchiness, failure of hair to re-grow, and a potential for sunburn. I am also aware that shaving may expose pre-existing conditions. 

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